All ICE equipment has been designed for harsh aircraft flight conditions and proven in the field on numerous operational and research programs around the globe. Spare parts and custom engineering solutions are also available.


Burn in Place Flare Rack

ICE can supply flare racks that will accommodate all types of ICE end-burning flares. The rack is constructed of aircraft quality steel streamlined tubing that reduces aerodynamic drag. The electrical connectors are gold-plated brass to better withstand flight conditions. The mounting attachments can be placed as needed to custom-fit the rack to your aircraft. Nominal 12-flare capacity, custom racks are also available for different desired capacities. Delivered with control box as a system, or can be custom-wired to adapt to existing control systems.

Lightweight aircraft aluminum racks for use only with ICE Glaciogenic flares are also available.


Ejectable Flare Rack

ICE-supplied flare racks for Ejectable Flares are constructed of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum components. Easy-slide baskets contain the flare casings and allow for quick changeouts. Rack capacity is 102 flares, electrically fired using electro-mechanical components for flight-proven durability.

When fired, flares are ejected from the aluminum casing which stays in the rack basket. Multiple racks can be mounted depending upon aircraft configuration. Racks are mounted on the underside of the aircraft, or can be mounted to a wingtip plate.


Ground Based Flare Tree

The ground based flare tree is designed to hold 108 flares per tree. They can either be fired manually or remotely. The trees can be daisy-chained to allow for extended capacity.

The use of ground based flare trees gives you the option to seed in remote areas easier then with acetone burners.